Google Adds More Help To Analytics

If you have ever found Google Analytics a little difficult to understand then perhaps Google’s latest addition may be of help – Google Analytics Help Forum. The forum is no different to most other forums – read what others have asked and the answers or ask questions of your own.

The forum includes a range of individuals who can answer any of your questions – the forum introduces these as:

AnalyticsPros are designated Googlers who post to the forums. They can be identified by their AnalyticsPro usernames and the ‘Google Employee’ label. Top Contributors are Analytics forum members who consistently provide outstanding support to the forum community.

Of course,, Google being Google there do not appear to be any options for signatures or link building through their services. However, when it comes to help for Google Analytics, you wont be left wondering about an issue for long.

Just another Google service – you would think they were trying to get friendly!

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