How To Make Viral Marketing Easier

Some web owners treat their blog sites to seriously they are downright boring – the blog that is, not the owner. When considering your content development – really, the best approach is to simply have fun.

Blogs are famous for being lighthearted. Yes, they deliver a message, but it is done in a conversational manner, not as a formal lecture. You may often hear the term, ‘write for your readers first and the search engines second’.

Some blogs are written for search engines. You can tell since the same words are repeated in every paragraph, sometimes in every sentence. They would be droll or boring but you wouldn’t know it – you can never get past the first two paragraphs.

Other blogs are written for humans – however, they are still boring. They contain heaps of info, but they are still boring. This makes them hard to read with the reader often forcing themselves to read so they can find the info they are looking for.

The best blogs are those that engage. They tell a story, often using humor but always written in a more lighthearted manner. They are serious blogs but they don’t take themselves too seriously. They inform, but often do so by throwing a lot of small doses of the info you are looking for. Boring – never. Frustrating – sometimes, particularly when you are looking for information and you have to visit two or more pages to find it all.

Because it is easy to read, easy to digest and easy to remember, the reader comes back, time after time. When considering the content for your blog – think small, think friendly and then have fun writing it – your readers will have fun reading it and come back for more.

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