SEO – What’s Your Aim?

There are a great many misconceptions when it comes to SEO and one of the biggest has got to be the WHY. Why do you undertake an SEO program? Answers I get include:

More traffic – You don’t need SEO for extra traffic. I can point you at any number of sites where you can buy traffic for a lot less than an SEO program.

Better search rankings – SEO will get you better search rankings. But why do you want better search rankings?

More sales – now we are talking, however SEO will not necessarily increase your sales. It depends on your product, the product and your own reputation, prices and competition. Then there is your web site – is it friendly, easy to navigate and does it sell the product?

More targeted traffic – now I can help you!

So what is the difference? Let’s take the number one spot in search rankings. It is not much good if no one is searching for that keyword. SEO matches the most appropriate keywords that relate to your product with what people are searching for and optimizes them.

If you get a good search result placement then the increased visitors will be there because they feel you have what they want. It is now up to your web pages to close the deal.

Where SEO is now heading is the complete picture. Optimizing for targeted traffic and optimizing your site to convert that traffic

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