“Treatment acne” four focus

1, effective cleaning

Grow acne skin should pay special attention to cleanliness. Always thought that girls face a little grease on the washing is the best not left, but acne and fats are not always accompanied by the existence of mutual relations, such as adult pox, the location of grow acne the skin usually relatively dry, it needs are many pay too clean. Since long pox adult skin usually have to reduce oil secretion, and if the whole family to Oil and charged pox, will only make the skin dry and worse, ineffective anti-pox, in doing so they will do even more wrinkled skin.

Irregular work and rest, or relatively large changes in mood a few days, should give skin added moisture, the use of alkaline face cream, almost on a daily basis with many types of products. Skin permeability, and naturally no longer a pox adults. Adult pox in the choice of face cream, it is recommended to choose Deep Clean Oil-Control-type rather than a face cream.

2, focusing on anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory acne and adult pox very different from the anti-inflammatory, acne can be used with aloe vera, tea tree oil, have anti-inflammatory, such as the North American Hamamelis bactericidal efficacy of plant components. However, adult chicken pox pox causes of hair are not the same, required the use of anti-inflammatory role in purifying the acne cream to curb the growth acne.

Do not get too thick concealer coated, thin layer is sufficient, otherwise acne may make the inflammation worse. In addition, many brands now also launched a special preparation for adults pox first aid and special concealer stick, you can have targeted use.

3, prevent acne scar

Acne more easily than adults acne scar, but that does not mean that the adult chicken pox can squeeze Oh mandatory. Adult chicken pox is often dark and hard, removing them should be very cautious.

4, remove acne scar

Adult pox left pock two general points: the black patches, and pit. Black plaque inflammation acne are left pigmentation, long been the place to stay red acne dirty black color, skin dull, the black color would actually go away over time, but also containing vitamin C can use whitening products for intensive care. Also you can read about “before and after aging lips” here

Pit will be more serious, when acne dermal inflammation of serious injuries when too much collagen, it is possible because of the collapse of the dermis and leave pit, preferably containing salicylic acid, acid and other ingredients Gel removed to the edge of holes, more than 20 days or so to be possible we see the results.


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