Web Design – How Important Is The Text-Code Ratio

Many SEO experts seem to harp on a bit about how important your text to code ratio is. The general consensus from this group is that if you have too much code it will harm your rankings. Is it true?

It is not easy to get an answer on that question. Google uses over 200 factors when ranking a site/page so the chances are it will have some bearing – no one can tell you how much. You can however hazard a guess just by looking at the code for many websites.

Google has a much higher priority when it comes to ranking a web page and it all comes back too the user. What is the user experience. A page that has a lot of code and is slow to load will get ranked less. Likewise, if all your code appears at the top of the file the chances are tha page will not even be fully read by the search engines.

What you are looking for is a site that loads quickly, is safe and has useful information. Is the ratio important – in the bigger picture possibly not. Sometimes it can be to simple to point to things like ‘ratios’ to determine rankings.

Look at the bigger picture, look at what the user will be experiencing. If it is a poor experience then naturally it wont rank well – if it is a positive experience than it will tank.

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